APD is nothing but abbreviation of auditory processing disorder also called as CAPD-Central auditory processing disorder. Most of the people misunderstood that this is problem that occurred in the inner ear where cochlea is located. Some of them understood it is failure of hearing system from birth. It is absolutely wrong. People who suffer from APD have normal functioning of hearing system like the rest of the people. The only problem is that they cannot process the information like the normal people. Suppose if they receive a sound as an input, their hearing system cannot correctly process the input. They have problem in the brain functions. So the auditory process disorder diagnosis helps them medically fit to be normal humans.

A research found that five percent of school going students got suffered by the APD. Children’s who is suffered from these problems will be slow learners. They cannot process the information correctly. It affects the learning, reading and comprehension ability of the students which result in low academic performance. So what the parents do is they take the students to the Psychologist. ADD-Attention Deficit Disorder is also one type of problem among the children’s of age under five to ten. They have symptoms coincidence with the APD. So they will treat them by this misunderstanding.

The cause for APD is yet to be found clearly. The research is going on in audiology specializations. There may be some reasons of the following

Brain trauma

Ear infections


Noisy environment

Birth issues

What are the symptoms of APD?

Mostly it is found among the children’s of age under five to ten. They will have the following symptoms like

Difficulty to read or spell

Difficulty to follow phone conversation

Difficulty to follow lengthy conversation

Difficulty in remembering the information

Difficulty in listening in noisy environment

Difficulty in attention or easily get distracted

The above said symptoms are common for people who got suffered from ADD. So it is better to check with any audiology doctor before going to the psychiatrist. The auditory processing disorder diagnosis should be done instead of treating for ADD. These children’s can understand the single sound very effectively. But can discriminate different sounds. And also they can only hear the sound. But they cannot find where the sound comes from. The source cannot be judged and the directions too. With the help of teachers, you can teach them slowly in a very quiet environment. These people cannot understand when you speak faster. So pronounce every word slowly. With help of an audiologist you can train them understand different sounds. The only thing we have to do is not to discourage them. Do not forget inform the teachers about the issues so that he cannot be discouraged among rest of the students for the problem he has.

When the child is suffering from APD, he/she will be very quiet and looked depressed. Always willing to stay alone. So parents do not lose the hope. Encourage them by separate tuitions.

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