Top 5 coconut products


As the usage of coconut oil is becoming more prevalent the studies are showing the beneficial effects of using the coconut oil & other coconut products on the human body. With the increase in acceptance of coconut as a natural supplement for the body, there are a lot of products available in the market today starting from the regular coconut oil to coconut flour, coconut butter, and coconut snacks to coconut sugar.

  1. Organic Coconut Oil

The company offers a range of organic coconut products including coconut oil, which are made from Fiji coconuts that are organically grown. To ensure that the natural essence & goodness of coconut is retained in all the products, the coconuts are manually harvested and passed through minimal processing. Saturated fat of coconut oil has naturally high medium chain triglycerides which does not increase the risk of heart disease unlike the saturated fats contained in the meat & dairy products. Lauric acid, which is the main medium chain triglyceride in coconut oil has anti-viral & immune protective properties. The product is highly stable and is an ideal medium of cooking when high temperature cooking is needed. It is available in two variants, coconut oil butter in 300g and coconut oil virgin in 900ml.

  1. Organic Coconut Flour

Another very useful product manufactured by the company is the organic coconut flour which has many health benefits. It is made from meat of organically grown natural coconut which is defatted and then ground into flour to make a healthy product. This flour being gluten free, it is low in hypo allergens & carbohydrates naturally. The highest amount of dietary fiber is found in this flour as compared to any other kind of flour. The flour has a natural coconut aroma and a creamy sweetness. It comes in a reusable pouch and has not been treated with sulphites or any preservatives. It comes in a packing of 500g and can be used as a substitute to flour for making pastries, cakes & bread etc.

  1. Crunchy coconut flakes

This produc is a healthy breakfast cereal and is made from fresh coconut which has been dried and then defatted. The dried coconut meat is then lightly toasted to produce light brown crunchy cereal. The cereal has high fiber content and hence quite filling. The sweat aroma and natural rich coconut flavor add to the taste of the cereal and in turn the better acceptability with all age groups. It is available in a pack of 250g.

  1. Coconut chocolate butter

Thisis a healthy alternative to the regular chocolate spread. It is an organic product and is made by blending organic coconut oil with raw cacao powder and raw agave syrup. This healthy product can be used for enjoying the chocolate taste whether in the form of a spread, can be blended with milk or a delicious fondue can be created by warming it. It is available in 175g pack for easy to carry options.

  1. Coconut cashew cream

This product is available in 175g pack is a product which tastes heavenly and has all the goodness and health benefits of raw organic cashews. It can be used as a fruit fondue or as icing on muffins or cakes.

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