Know the importance of software applications in dental procedures


It is seen that around 70 % of the people between the age limit of 30-40 have lost one or two teeth in the due time. Individuals losses their teeth due to various problems like accidents, tooth decay, gum problems and also the failure of the root canal. Person who is having one missing tooth feels uncomfortable to go out. Even at times, they want to stay away from the social life. One of the best ways to have a complete set of teeth is by using the dental implant. There are various clinics that offer this procedure to the patients who have lost one or more teeth in the accidents.

Dental implant is the surgery that helps the individual to get back the complete set of teeth by inserting or placing the hard structure in the jawbone, underneath the gums. They are very popular in these days and they do not cause any damage to other teeth. This process is totally safe and sound. The dentists use the small titanium screws as the implants and they are slowly inserted in the position where there tooth is lost. One of the surprising facts is that several online tools are being developed that help the dentists to make the design of the dental implants as per the requirements.

The software for dentist is used for viewing the inner dental anatomy of the patient. With the help of the dental software, the dentist can locate the nerves and can plan the operation on how to insert the dental implants inside. This online tool helps in providing total comfort to the patient while the implantation is going on. It helps the dentist to visualize where the implants are actually fitting and what the condition of the gum is. The results generated by the software is given in a 3D format using the data from the X-RAY, CT SCANS or the computerized photo. The radiographs of the patient mouth are taken and the software converts the data in the 3D MODEL of the alveolar bone and also of the prosthetic bone.

In these days, most of the professional dentists are using the software applications for bringing out the best results. The implant planning software take the virtual picture of the jawbone and according to that image, the experts make the size of the implants. There are various companies that are offering software for dentist to design the dental implants.

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