Keep track of the baby inside


Pregnancy is something which one has to take care of very carefully.

  • When a woman conceives, they first need to go to a doctor. They will check the blood pressure and blood sugar level in the woman’s body to see if it is under control. This is a very important thing to check. The doctors will also keep a track of these two in every trimester and will check if there is any change in the levels or not. this is because; it is said that the blood pressure level in all pregnant women has a high chance to fluctuate and in most case it tends to go high. But then if it becomes high suddenly then this becomes very problematic. So one has to track it on a regular basis.
  • The other thing to keep in track is the video of the developing baby. This is also very important. When the fertilization happens and implantation takes place then the baby is nothing but just an embryo. Then there are 2 layers of cells from which all the body parts of the baby as well as all the organs start developing. When it comes to the second week of pregnancy, then only the baby starts developing. In fact, the baby can grow up to 3 to 3 and a half inches long and their body weight becomes almost one and a half ounces when the mother reaches her second trimester of pregnancy. During the second trimester the mother can also feel the pumping of the heart as well. At that point of time the bones and the cartilages started developing and the developing baby also starts to develop the ability to hear. When one reaches the last phase of pregnancy that is the third trimester, then the weight of the baby inside reaches almost 3 pounds. Then the nails, fingers and the hairs start developing. Also the muscles and the lungs also start to develop only when the pregnancy reaches its last phase. In the thirds trimester the central nervous system of the baby also develops.
  • One also needs to check that during pregnancy, the placenta should remain inside the uterus and this should stay in an intact position till the end of the pregnancy. If somehow the placenta gets detached when the baby is still in a premature condition then there can be a chance of the termination of pregnancy. So, the mother has to have a healthy placenta so that the baby can grow properly.
  • One can check the video of baby growth week by week by undergoing a UCG and keep checking if the baby’s growth is happening properly or not. The doctors keep checking that every month and if they find some sort of problem there they immediately take necessary action and start the needed medication process.

One needs to follow a proper diet during this tenure. An experienced nutritionist can help a pregnant mother and make them a chart on what to eat and what not.

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