How to Pick Your Dentist


One of the most important parts of our body are a good set of teeth. We only get one set and when they are gone, then it’s time for either a toothless mouth or dentures or implants. Not a lot of fun eating Sunday roast with no teeth is it? And messing with dentures or paying for implants? And let’s not forget things like cavities, toothaches and wisdom teeth. Caring for your teeth on a regular basis is simply a very good idea in light of the consequences. And having a dentist to handle those dental emergencies is a great idea also. That’s why it is so helpful to have a local dentist in Croydon. Here is what to look for in selecting a dentist.

  • Full Service – The dentist should specialise in the entire gamut of general, cosmetic and restorative dental services, from oral surgery to whitening and from implants to cleaning.
  • Patient Focused – Nobody enjoys a dental visit, and some of us get quite anxious. The dentist should provide a safe, caring and effective environment where the patients treatment is made as comfortable and pleasant as possible
  • Emergency Service – Have you ever noticed that things like toothaches occur at inopportune times? Sunday mornings at 6 am? Christmas Eve? The dentist should be available to handle your emergency dental needs.

You only get one set of teeth. Its best to put aside our fears and establish a relationship now with our local dentist to avoid further problems. Well maintained, good looking, real teeth in the mouth are far better than artificial ones soaking next to the bed. Keep your teeth. Call for an appointment today.

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