How Long Should You Meditate To Get The Best Results?


Different people have different ways when it comes to meditation. Some rely on Meditation singing bowls while some prefer to meditate for as long as possible. Is there an optimal amount of time that you should meditate? If so, how long should you meditate if you want to get the best results?

Read on below to figure out what the best amount of time is when it comes to meditation.

What Works For Most

For most people, 20 minutes of mindfulness meditation is what works. There are already a lot of significant benefits that you are presented with one of which includes an enhanced brain function. You will also be able to feel as if you are in peak physical and mental health. Though there are people that can meditate for shorter periods that can achieve these peaks of physical and mental state of being, the average amount of time that most people go and meditate for is 30 minutes with the shortest is 2.5 minutes. You should find a balance between both if you are short on time.

Meditating For Too Long

Long meditation isn’t something new. It was actually the norm for people in earlier times. Buddhist practitioners, monks, nuns, and many people who practice a variety of beliefs meditate for longer periods of time. Meditating for progressively longer and longer periods of time makes it easy to be able to meditate longer on average. If you have a lot of time and you are compelled to meditate as intensively as nuns and monks do, you can go ahead. However, it is suggested that you seek the consultation of a qualified meditation teacher so you can get the guidance that you need.

Advantages of Optimal Meditation Length

Meditating for the optimal time for your body and mind can bring you a lot of great effects. The most common observation that people have is that you are going to feel as if your mind is clearer. You won’t have any issues when it comes to being mindful and aware. You are going to have an easier time trying to be more present at the moment. Doing so, in turn, has a lot of other benefits that branch off of it. When you are trying to focus on something and you can’t do it because of a clouded mind, you are likely to become agitated. Agitation can cause your mind to become even more cloudy which makes it tougher to focus.

Patience With Meditation

Patience is the most important thing that you can learn from meditation. With the use of meditation singing bowls, you can enhance how you meditate. Because meditation is something that can’t really be associated with distractions, you may find it a lot tougher to get into. Trying to achieve enlightenment on the first try of meditation isn’t the correct approach. You have to ease into meditation as you learn how to be in the moment and let go of the thoughts that cause you anxiety.

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