Here are some details of the pregnancy disorders that may arise during pregnancy


During pregnancy, in place of having glowing and radiant skin, most women start having pimples on your face and your look is very similar to that of a teen ager. There are also certain dark spots that start appearing all over your face. You might also start experiencing certain rashes that might start appearing around the belly.

There are different types of skin symptoms that might occur during pregnancy and the skin is not at all resistant to awkward changes. Though these changes might be very annoying, they are not at all harmful and in most cases will subside after child birth. Though these are harmless, however it is important to know about some of the skin conditions that are common at a time when you are pregnant. This might help you to properly identify any condition that are not really very common at this point.

If you want to know more about some pregnancy disorders, you can go through the points mentioned below:

  • Acne

The most common skin disorder that patients might experience at a time when they are pregnant is acne. There are a number of hormonal changes during this time and all of these changes may cause certain oil glands that might start secreting more and more oil. This might also lead to certain breakouts.

In order to lessen this down, it is always a good option to clean your skin with face washes. You can also use certain good medicines during pregnancy, however these conditions will certainly subside after pregnancy. You can opt for certain pregnancy safe skin disorders medications.

  • Skin tags

There are also certain growths that might occur during this time. These might occur anywhere in your body and is most common beneath your arm and breast. Though there is hardly any way to remove them however, in most cases they actually disappear automatically after the child birth.

  • Cholestasis during pregnancy

This is a skin condition that occurs due to certain problems with the liver that is occured because there is a lot of pregnancy hormones released during this time. This certainly affects the flow of bile juice to the gall bladder and this in most cases occur during the third trimester of pregnancy. During this condition your entire body starts itching. The palms, the soles and the feet are the most affected during this time and this makes you feel extremely miserable. This itching goes to such an extent that you might also find it difficult to sleep.

This cholestasis during pregnancy can also finally lead to jaundice and there might be certain oral medicines that might make it difficult for you to treat it. In most cases, this disorder automatically goes away after delivery. Doctors might provide you with some medicine for skin disorders while pregnant.

There are various types of skin disorders that might occur during pregnancy and these disorders will subside at a later stage when the child is born. There is nothing to be worried about these skin problems, however you can certainly take some medicines to relieve yourself from these problems at this stage.

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