Do pets and babies go hand in hand?


According to most paediatricians, keeping newborn babies near pets are mostly safe only if the pets are properly vaccinated, cleaned and if they are well behaved as well.

There are many pets who are very tolerant towards small babies but again one also needs to be aware of the potential dangers that can happen. Keeping new born babies near pets is absolutely okay but one has to take proper precautions so that the baby remains safe. One needs to take special care of those babies who have already started crawling or walking.

When the baby is tiny most parents prefer keeping the baby and the pet apart most of the time of the day. They tend to keep the pets out of the room where the baby sleeps in and they never let the pet share the same bed with the baby.

The parents need to introduce the pet with the new baby very gently. Many cats and dogs tend to feel jealous when a new baby arrives at home. So, the parents also need to keep giving the pets some special attention so that they become sure that they are much loved and taken care of.

In fact pets are also tend to be very curious. Though studies say that dogs get more jealous about the baby but cats are mostly not jealous of the baby. They are mostly attracted to the warmth generated from the baby’s cot. So, if one needs to keep the cat away from the baby then they needs to use a cat net over the baby’s cot.

But whenever the pet and the baby are in the close vicinity then one has to be very careful. Though the pet may be loving to the baby but if the baby pulls its tail or pokes its eyes then it can lose patience. Dogs mostly fall prey to this because cats can easily escape if the child is teasing them. It is also necessary to let them play together if they are staying together but definitely keeping a sharp eye on them in necessary so that neither of them gets hurt.

But if the parents want to keep the pet and the baby apart then they can use some safety gates at least for a few time. Stair gates can always help to keep the bay away from the litter trays and animal food as well.

But if one is choosing to have a pet for the baby then one needs to choose an animal that may not require staying inside the house all the time. Rabbits can be a good option of pet in that case. They can have their own cages and that can be placed outside the house as well. The child can visit them and can also play with them for a short period of time every day.

Pets around newborn are absolutely fine till the family understands the pet and their behaviour well. Pets do get along with the kids very well because they love playing with them.

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