Diseases related to veins have to be treated by cardiologists only


Did you know that spider veins Los Angeles can appear on the face also? This blood related disease although majorly manifests on the thighs and legs, it is not unusual to be sighted on the face also. In such condition, blood vessels get twisted and are prominently visible from the skin surface. It is not a pleasant sight at all and people, especially women who have to show their legs, get embarrassed by the looks. A similar but more aggravating condition is more prevalent in the form of inflated and warped blood vessels in the calves and thighs. The bulging veins that seem to be bursting through the skin make the legs look quite ugly. This is what we know as varicose veins. An interesting fact is that almost 60 percent adults suffer from any of these diseases.

Why does it happen?

Knowing that the majority of the adult population is affected by these venous diseases, you would perhaps like to know why it happens. Although the veins are affected by the disease the problem lies elsewhere. Veins provide the passage for blood to circulate through the body after passing through the heart. When blood flows to the heart it passes through a number of valves. These are one way valves that allow blood to flow in one particular direction and prevent its backflow. But there are times when these valves malfunction and allow blood to flow back into the veins. If the muscles around the valves do not function properly, then also this can happen. As blood collects in the veins it gets inflated and twisted that causes bulging. Spider veins Los Angeles and varicose veins is the resultof blood flowing back into veins and getting accumulated.

Who can get affected?

It seems that the disease has a liking for women who are more likely to be affected by it. But men too are victims of the disease. There are some physical as well as biological reasons for the disease. It has been seen that when the legs are overworked like standing for unusually long duration, there are chances of being affected by the disease. Some professionals like doctors, teachers and traffic police are highly susceptible to it.

The reasons for the disease and signs

The biological reasons are linked to ageing as the disease does not affect younger people. Pregnant women are also likely to be affected and some people experience it after leg surgery. Excessive body weight is also a reason for varicose veins and spider veins Los Angeles. The disease also has a tendency to be transmitted genetically. People suffering from varicose veins experience aching legs and cramping. The skin on the affected area gets discolored and even skin ulcers can happen. Ankles also can get swollen. However, it is not the same for all and even some people might not feel any pain at all. This often delays the treatment.

Even if you do not experience much difficulty with the disease, timely treatment by a cardiologist is necessary to protect your cardiovascular health.

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