Dianabol Testostrone Cycle For Mass Gains


Looking for rapid gain in size, improved strength and speedy recovery? The most trusted and used anabolic androgenic steroids till date is undoubtedly dianabol and testosterone. Testosterone enanthate methandienone cycle has always given desired results for all who have used the combination. Stacking them in one cycle helps to achieve strong hard muscles and superior strength.

Dianabol is the first ever steroid that was made and widely used since then. Methandienone is the trade name for it. As it provides really fast results, it is considered great choice when it comes to bulking which results in massive gains in first cycle itself. It stimulates protein and balances nitrogen and increase the anabolic activity of muscles. In the other side, is the testosterone which is natural hormone produced in the body. Being a male sex hormone, it is responsible for masculine characteristics. Associated with it are the body functions like sex drive, sperm production, and fat distribution and so on. Development of masculine strong muscles and strength is also associated with it.

That is why when it is used as a supplement, the users get muscle gains, high energy and stamina. For the question why staking dianabol and testosterone, is because when a user goes under dianabol cycle, as soon as he stops the cycle, the gains he have achieved will also disappear. But when used with testosterone, he will be able to maintain the gain he have achieved through dianabol cycle for a longer period of time. It is not just the reason. Steroids may harm the liver with its toxicity. But using it with natural androgenic hormone decrease the risk toxicity to the liver. Apart from that, using dianabol suppresses ones natural production of testosterone hormone. So it is highly recommended to stack it with testosterone to produce the needed testosterone hormone and make the bulking cycle successful, faster and feel satisfied.

A usual cycle should start with terststerone and dianabol at the same time. Use dianabol for four to six weeks according to the result you want. But testosterone has to be continued for ten to twelve weeks. The injectable testosterones are mainly used which contain E, test prop (test cyp) with dianabol which is an anabolic steroid. Thus it is made sure that the suppressed testosterone by dianabol is produced that a body needs to produce it naturally.

You are never allowed to start with a high dose. In the four to six week cycle, start with a twenty to thirty mg of dianabol. What you need to keep in mind is the life of it, which is five hours. So plan accordingly, that is ten mg every five hours or so. For the testosterone cycle of ten to twelve weeks, use 250mg for a week and slowly rise checking if it is tolerated because it is very important to see how our body is reacting and also if there is any side effects associated with it. Maximum f 750mg to 800 mg can be used for the entire cycle. Plan your cycle and get the best results.

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