Dentures Or Dental Implants?


Those suffering from missing teeth know how difficult it is to chew or speak with lost teeth. That is not all. Having a great smile with lost teeth is almost impossible. No one likes to smile with an ugly look and appearance. But the problem of missing teeth has been solved with the help of cosmetic dental treatments. There are various ways to replace missing teeth all around the world. Considering different influential factors, each patient may be suggested to go for a tooth replacement method. Dental implants, dentures, and dental bridges can all be applied to give the patient new teeth and craft a glorious smile for them. Today, we asked Dr. Shahdad Ayoughi, an experienced cosmetic dentist applying advanced and successful dentures in Vancouver, to explain more about dental implants and dentures. Keep reading.

Dental Implants

As a popular and widely-used tooth replacement method, dental implants can help all patients suffering from missing teeth. This cosmetic dental treatment is the best solution for those who are in a dream of restoring the health and beauty of their smile. But what is interesting is that the method not only gifts you a sparkling smile but also brings you back your high self-confidence. Implanted teeth will incredibly provide your jawbone and facial muscles the same support as your natural teeth. The implanted tooth will be fixed in your jawbone with an artificial metal made of titanium. As our dedicated and experienced cosmetic dentist explains, the considerable point about this dental treatment is that the titanium will be fused to your jawbone easily, and after passing the recovery time, there is almost no difference between a real one and a false tooth. In other words, an implanted tooth is an artificial tooth root to improve your overall health.

When you go for this dental surgical procedure, the dental expert will perform a thorough evaluation and decide whether the dental implant process is good for you.


These types of tooth replacement methods are another kinds of artificial teeth made by your cosmetic dentist to help you enjoy eating and speaking with your new teeth. These cosmetic dental procedures are in two types: complete or partial. One of the most advantages of them is that they are custom-made and can replace some of your lost teeth in one of your gumlines, or can be applied to those with a lot of lost teeth in both jaws. They are custom-made

Are Dentures Comfortable?

The short answer is YES. Nowadays, thanks to the improvements in the dentistry field, there are almost no difficulties with dentures. Long ago, those who chose these false teeth usually complained that they were not comfortable and were not fixed in their mouth. As a result, anytime they wore them, their false teeth were all the time slipping into their mouth, preventing them from speaking and chewing easily. But all these problems are removed now.

After a few days, even those who do not feel ok with their dentures will get used to them.

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