All Amazing Facts about Invisalign


However, most people consider orthodontic treatment as a cosmetic way to preserve the aesthetics of their smile; several other health benefits will surely make you surprise. Therefore, it will be best to revise if you decide to continue your life with your crooked and misaligned teeth. Despite all significant changes in the appearance of your smile after undergoing orthodontic treatment, several dental issues will be avoided because the blood flow will improve properly when your unaligned teeth are moved to their correct position during orthodontic treatment. Invisalign is a modern orthodontic appliance that is a very appropriate choice for those who feel uncomfortable with metal brackets designed to attach to their teeth for long periods. As an experienced dentist performing one of the best Invisalign in Vancouver explains, this cosmetic dental treatment can be taken out whenever you want to eat something or brush or floss your teeth properly. This useful article mentions some wonderful facts about Invisalign, so keep reading it if you wish to have well-aligned teeth.

Surprising Facts About Invisalign

Invisalign Is a Highly-recommended Option for Having Straighter Teeth

Nowadays, Invisalign aligners are commonly recognized as the most practical and modern way to have straighter teeth worldwide. This useful cosmetic treatment is invisible so you won’t feel uncomfortable with brackets and wires on your teeth. In addition, those who have undergone traditional dental braces cannot have some hard foods like carrots or nuts because the risk of broken orthodontic braces will increase. Thankfully, Invisalign has no food limitations because you can take them out whenever you need them.

Invisalign Should Be Rotated from Time to Time

Those who use Invisalign to have a set of healthy and straight teeth should schedule times to visit their professional orthodontist and change their Invisalign with a newer one. Because with any newer trays, your crooked teeth will gradually move closer to their last destination. However, the movement of your teeth is not huge from one tray to another; less time is needed than traditional dental braces to see desirable results.

Invisalign Isn’t a Good Choice for all Candidates 

However, numerous benefits will be easily achieved by wearing Invisalign; it isn’t the proper option for all people. For example, those who have undergone other dental procedures, like dental veneers and crowns, are not appropriate candidates to wear Invisalign. In addition, this option cannot make significant changes for those suffering from severe orthodontic issues. In such cases, brackets and wires will be more suitable than Invisalign.

Possible Risk Factors

Wearing Invisalign sounds perfect with its super cool benefits; however, it is essential to find out if it can cause any complications. Although this type of orthodontic treatment is associated with some risks, they are very harmless compared to what benefits it gives you. Above all, it is essential to address all possible complications to have well-formed decisions:

Feeling Pain & Discomfort for a Few Days After Wearing Invisalign: Experiencing tenderness is normally expected for those who wear Invisalign for the first time. It should be noted your pain will be solved independently when your mouth gets used to the Invisalign aligners after a few days.

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